terça-feira, 2 de abril de 2013

Off to the UK!

(Twin text from my deviantART)
Now for some life changing news (well, it'll change my life at least...)
I'm moving to UK for some time! Initially 6 months but, hopefully, I'll be able to stay there for longer. I met the loveliest family from Loggerheads and we are very excited about me going to live with them.
I'll be like a big sister to their kid, taking care of him, joining them on their trips and vacation, walking their dog in the woods behind their house, going to the lake with them... It'll be loads of fun.
I'll also be able to travel around and meet some friends I have in England and in the Netherlands.
I bought my plane ticket a couple of days ago and I'm sort of... Freaking out...! Is everything going to be fine? It'll be the first time I travel by plane, I'll be completely alone there, away from family and friends... The UK border agency has some really boring bureaucracy concerning imigrants from outside the EU.

For those of you who live around the UK, I'll be there, we can meet! =]
And... There'll be a Roger Waters concert in the Netherlands in June. I'll be there too.

Wish me luck!