quarta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2014

Double Chopp Pin Up

Humm... I'll eventually tell you guys what's been happening to me lately that's been keeping me from posting. Long story short - I have no computer at the moment so I've been using my dad's, my cousin's or my friend's computers when I can!! I have installed photoshop now on my dad's machine so I was able to paint!! Oh, how I missed it *-* (I have been sketching on paper ocasionally though).

So... Painting done on Photoshop CC... I'm trying out this version of PS and I quite like it!!

I've been working for some friends of mine making some flyers and general marketing for their restaurant/bar. It's a really beautiful place and I decided I should make them a pin up for this week's Double Chopp + Double Caipirinha day... There's also a cool band playing!

You can check the flyer here.

The floral pattern is by AboveVintage! Thank you for the resource!! I love it!