segunda-feira, 25 de março de 2013

The weekend was not...

... A total waste of time after all!
So... I've been in a great mood lately. Oh, these girly hormones that make us all emotional and shit on our PMS are not that bad when you are having good days! My face is aching from all the silly smiling all weekend long. hehe
I was just wasting some time doing nothing half an hour ago so I drew this. Poor quality photo, sowwy. It's actually pretty cool in "real life", these grey parts are actually silver, so it has a nice effect. :)
And... I kinda drew this thinking of Denna (from The Name of the Wind), although she doesn't really know the name of fire or anything to be controlling it, I thought it looked nice. And it kind of seems like the power is coming from her ring. I like it. So that's what's written behind her head "something like Denna".
Now this... This is a song I (half) learned this weekend on the guitar, but as my fingers aren't used to playing the guitar anymore they are kind of sore and I can't really play well yet. But I really like this song.
I had some friends over on Saturday and I tried to play this to them. But it wasn't long before I gave the guitar to someone else. hehe. It was Matheus's birthday =] Gratz, dear!
Chords to Call me, call me (from Cowboy Bebop)
We... "Drew" too. And the file is named "drunken sketches" for a reason.
The midget on the right is me... Drawn by Lewis. Lovely. ¬¬
I'll only take credit for Daffy Duck cause the other things I drew are shit.
Over there at the bottom right is a self portrait of Rodolfo.
And the Doido is, of course, Matheuso's.
This was fun... Oh. And we played Super Nintendo after that - Killer Instinct!

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