quinta-feira, 8 de maio de 2014

For old time's sake

All I did today was fall off my bike.
I was having a lot of fun putting the bike springs to use, jumping on speed bumps and all, and when I got to this little dirt and pebbles pathway and saw a depression perfect for jumping just ahead of me I didn't think twice... if I had I'd have remembered that I'd probably slide on the pebbles... but, oh well...
To add to that, a couple of days ago I was lighting an incense with a match stick and was very distracted... so much so that I didn't realise the match was already bursting up with fire and slid it on the side on the box again and the first strong burst of heat burnt my index finger, preventing me from drawing until last night.
Now... I got my arm patched up and with some healing cream and I also made me some sleeping tea... I should knock myself out with some whiskey though xD it's gonna be a rough night.

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