segunda-feira, 23 de junho de 2014

For I...

I'm a traveller. I'm a traveller.
I'm a facilitator of processes, builder of bridges, indicator of directions, waterer of seeds. I give incentive for things to happen and when they find they can be something I'm already on my way to other projects.
Maybe I fear endings too much. I fear failure. And that has left me pushing people up and on to their lives while I watch from a distance and in silence.
I'm just now realising how terrified of endings I am to be honest and that may help me circle back and for once share the happiness of accomplishing something with someone one day - failing or succeeding, I will have been there in the end for a change.
Being a traveller is both rewarding and painful. You are never there for the gran finale 'though you know you were there for the toughest parts of the journey.
They tell you to never look back, but that's hard to do when you're always moving and never landing anywhere... I want to be there next time. 'Till the end. No more being on the road and detached of everything that matters in life, barely letting things truly involve me.
How can one do that? I have not the practice yet.
This traveller wants her home, both literal and figurative, soon.
I just hope I get to mend it all before it's the end of me.

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