segunda-feira, 14 de julho de 2014

Fixing things

Starting by my routine, I'm trying to fix things. Exercises, drawing, being a better teacher and a better friend, better daughter, sister...
The lil' unicorns I made out of some weird play dough for the kids while we watched Home Alone, hahahaha

This Saturday I visited my former hosts  S2... It was truly lovely :))) I missed them so much, even Rufo, the dog. :))
After that I went out in Madrid, around Sol, and watched the game at the Dubliners, an Irish pub... :))) then headed to a really cool pub called Begin the Beguine. It was all crooked and full of stuff hanging overhead, the floor went up and down, the bar was like a ship after a hardcore storm, hahahaha... so cool... and there I drew the girl beside the scribblings... the other girls I drew while I waited for my friend at the mcdonalds in Atocha :)
Good weekend... though I'm still exhausted and limping a bit (damned shoes giving me blisters).

Bye :))


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