quinta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2014


I was quite rightly told by someone on Permanoobs that I worry too much about anatomy and my chars look stiff... Turns out I must have snapped out of my gestures mind frame... So right now I'm doing this! :) I feel it's going a lot smoother than my previous ones, besides touching back to my old style of drawing faces (which I liked a lot)... :)

I'm listening to the audiobook of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo... I've been reading it for a few weeks already, but I find audiobooks allow me to be more productive! I get to walk, draw and paint if I want to... :) so I only read now when I'm in a bus or train... And the story has  just gotten really interesting!!! *-* (though I dislike the Spanish narrator... It takes him a lot of effort to pronounce the names in Swedish and he's no match in accents and voices to my dear Michael Kramer but I started reading my host's book in Spanish, so I'll just finish it...)


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