quinta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2014

Newfound heaven!

OH MY GOD... this feels so good. hahahahahaha

Let me explain... A few months ago my netbook basically went to waste when it said the disk was empty or something like that and I had to reinstall windows and all the drivers for it to work again and all... BUT the one driver that never worked... can you guess what it is??... yes. like the air we breathe - the internet adapter (FUUUUUUUUUUCK),... so I stopped using my shitty but in another time faithful 6-year-old tiny computer after the hundreth time I tried installing that new driver... I tried several ways to do it, several different files, and it just... it's dead. puff...
Later that month I moved to a new house here in Madrid to live with a new family and they let me use the wine cellar computer as I wish, this thing is practically mine now MUAHAHAHAHA!!! -- but there's a tintsy little detail: it has no keyboard. It's touch screen, so I have to either use my fingers on the screen (which would make my arms fall off after a couple of weeks) or pinch on every single letter with the mouse, which is what I've been doing... there are still two other options which I did use  more than once - writting from my phone onto my blog and copying it everwhere or dictating in english to a friend of mine over skype. hahahahahahaha.... Damn. It's been a struggle.

So TODAY... I just borrowed the little boy's keyboard without asking while he's in school (he got a computer for his birthday a couple of weeks ago), and I'm gonna type myself to death today as you can see cause this just feels so good and so liberating!!!!!! It's like I'd been unable to speak for all these months... I didn't go nutts because I still had my phone and I could call people on skype and talk like human beings used to do. hahahaha

What this means, guys, is that I didn't mean to come across as arrogant or selfish by not commenting on your sketchbooks and leaving whatever critiques I was able to provide. I'm make up for it! And if you've read so far I thank you!! :D


So... for art...

The dude... I just "inked" him... don't really know what to do though, if you have any corrections or ideas I'd be grateful to hear!! :)

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