segunda-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2014

Starting with value studies...

So I went to have lunch at that lady's house today, she's my host's mom and also graduated in Fine Arts in Madrid. If you recall I had asked her if she had an anatomy book I could borrow to study and so she found an old one date back in the 1940's with some interesting material, but I'm afraid it's too theoretical for my taste, I could become a physical therapist after reading that if I survived the hayfever!

Anyway... We started discussing art and she's extremely prejudiced against digital medias. She feels like it's the computer doing everything and that it lacks something, but obviously she hasn't really seen many digital paintings... So I told her I'd show her some amazing things and would also let her try my tablet to see if she'd change her mind... She preffers traditional media and paints some awesome surrealistic and abstract environments... She also does some mean sketching with coloured pencils...

So I told her I'd surprise her. I challenge myself to doing that. And I also asked her for some assignments as homework... So I'm doing +10 value studies and +5 coloured still life studies. This one is a piece of the one I'm doing now, just painting stuff that's lying around on my desk... But it's 3 am, I should sleep =]


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