domingo, 23 de março de 2014

And the plot thickens...

E não é que a Inês curtiu a ideia de continuar escrevendo o nosso poema fantástico? aheuauheuhaehuae
Vou colorir os meus e os dela pra vocês saberem quem fez qual verso... Os dela são muito melhores :') que orgulho! aheuhaehuae

Amidst the dark forest, on a clear, starry night
There sat a man by a lake with not another soul in sight
He looked battered and worn and was most certainly half-dead
But when he opened his mouth a hearty laugh came instead

When a few nights back he first got the news of his quest
He'd certainly gasped eyeing the place of his father's rest
It all did not seem doable, he'd probably die and his father would follow
And yet here he was, in his box a prize and in the dragon's face a space that's hollow

In the box there's his plunder
But it's no gold if you wonder
The eye of a dragon he slayed
That should cure his dear father by illness decayed

Ill and bedridden his father was,
nightmares magnifying all of his woes
The healer said there's no time left
and the man's mother was bereft

Our hero, you see, sustained some injuries from the battle
Everyone knows it's ghastly the way into the lair of a dragon
Multiple challenges he faced - fire pits, vampire bats, snakes that rattle
And when he finally got there, he dreaded what would next happen

Stumbling and bleeding he came upon a sign
That said: "There's a cavern this way with a dragon inside!"
The strangeness of it did not strike our hero as odd,
For all the wounds he'd sustained had turned his mind to fog

É isso por enquanto! Mas vamos continuar escrevendo... Quem sabe fazemos um livrinho ilustrado ;)

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